What we do

With a collective seventy years of experience in high-end, luxury eyewear, we not only have the necessary skills to fix almost anything, but also an appreciation of just how valuable (on many levels) a pair of handmade spectacles are.

Rest assured all of our services will be carried out by highly skilled craftsmen, their work guaranteed for a full 3 months after your eyewear is returned to you. 

We will perform repairs that most opticians say cannot be done. From replacing screws and nose pads to making entire new frames that match your broken ones exactly.

As the potential repair list is enormous, we have not been able to list all so if you have a request that is not mentioned, please email with a clear photo of the damage and one of the full frame to our email address and we will try to make an assessment.

We make lenses to prescription in standard and thinner lenses and also we can replace scratched, non-prescription sun lenses. We offer Hoya lenses as standard. Hoya are a Japanese company that, although very well known in the camera industry, are less so in eyewear however we believe in their quality and durability and are pleased to make them our provider of choice. If you require an alternative, please contact us so we can quote you for another brand.

We can make a clip on sunglass for your spectacles, allowing you the luxury of prescription sunglasses without the cost of a new pair of glasses. When you come to change your prescription, you can keep both the frames and the clip and just change the lenses.

Finally we can take your worn frames and give them a new lease of life through careful cleaning in our ultrasonic tank, then polishing and buffing on our specialist equipment giving you the feel of a new pair of glasses for relatively little in these austerity times.