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When was the last time a professional gave your frames a look over? Are the screws tight? Is the frame straight? Any worn parts? When were they last thoroughly cleaned? If the answer to any of these is "Huh?" then send them to us for a service.

First, we will completely take apart your frames and clean everything in an ultrasonic tank. After which we replace nose pads, end tips and screws before reassembling for a good polish. Good as new.

If your spectacles require an even deeper clean, we offer a full buffing service. After going through the afore mentioned steps, we then sand down any problem areas with medium grit, followed by fine and then we get to work on the buffing machine… Firstly with a coarse mop, then smooth, finishing off with a final pass with the sheep’s wool gloss mop. Even the most tired spectacles will come out looking better than new.